Recording Video

Imagiq’s advanced technologies capture high-quality videos at a lower power usage, with smoother playback features.

Automatic Electronic Image Stabilization

Our Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) solution can work solely on video inputs without requiring a gyro. Low-power with high-quality, this advanced technology results in smoother videos.

EIS featuring hardware engine for motion information estimation

Dedicated Warping Engine

For the first time, our Imagiq Warping Engine accelerates a typically power-intensive task on mobile devices. As a result, image stabilization, lens distortion correction and other image transformations can be fixed with this dedicated hardware instead of general processing tools.

By dedicating a warping engine, imagiq 2.0 saves power and produces a longer battery life

Record and Preview Smoothly

The Imagiq system’s motion-aligned, Temporal Noise Reduction improves the quality of previews and recordings by locating and reducing pixel movement.

Previews and recordings look cleaner and flicker noise is reduced.

Temporal filtering-based motion-aligned pixels for noise reduction and ISO gains