MediaTek MiraVision for Mobile

Power-efficient display enhancement technologies for smartphones and tablets

With mobile devices, battery-efficiency comes first. At MediaTek, we take this to heart. We are a pioneer in developing power-efficient technologies and have brought this focus to our suite of display enhancement technologies for smartphones and tablets, MiraVision. MediaTek MiraVision is designed to improve visual quality by intelligently altering picture attributes such as hue saturation, brightness, resolution and frame-rate.

Highly energy efficient

Most display enhancement technologies trade improved display quality for increased power consumption. Because our chipset circuitry is so highly integrated on our SoCs, MiraVision can intelligently reduce the power consumed by the display while also preserving and even enhancing the picture quality.

A superior viewing experience

Power-efficient enhancements

MiraVision™ EnergySmart Screen is an advanced power saving technology for mobile device displays. It reduces power consumption for both LCD and AMOLED displays while preserving the viewing experience. EnergySmart Screen can reduce power consumption by up to 25%, depending on brightness level.

Quality enhancements

Ultra resolution

Ultra Resolution enables video streams in 480p to outshine 1440p content thanks to our high-fidelity scaler for unmatched signal preservation and our sophisticated content classifier that restores visual details. Users will not only like what they see, they will also make substantial data and energy savings when streaming videos from mobile networks. Ultra Resolution offers high-resolution with low bit-rates.

HDR 10

HDR 10 is the latest video HDR standard and is capable of recording up to 10,000-nits dynamic range. MediaTek MiraVision supports HDR 10 and adds a re-mapping feature that takes into account the display capabilities of different devices and optimizes accordingly. HDR contents will like never before on mobile devices.


MediaTek 120fps display technology eliminates fuzzy text and choppy images, and increases screen responsiveness when you scan through web pages.


ClearMotion is our display technology that enhances the visual quality of video playback and streaming. Using automatic frame-rate conversion, ClearMotion converts the standard 24fps or 30fps to 60fps or even 120fps. Virtually doubling the number-of-frames per second or even more, ClearMotion makes video playback smoother and more comfortable.

Readability enhancements


SmartScreen optimizes display readability while saving power. It first senses ambient lighting and evaluates the content on the screen. Then, our context-aware technology ensures the best viewing experience is delivered even in extreme lighting conditions, while optimizing energy consumption.

Blulight Defender

BluLight Defender is our solution that’s cutting blue light energy while maintaining color quality via Memory Color Recovery technology. BluLight Defender saves power and is capable of minimizing color distortions. Unlike third-party apps, this hardware-based feature doesn’t produce a yellow-tint effect and consequently outperforms alternatives in terms of viewing comfort.

Ultra Dimming

Our Ultra Dimming technology goes beyond the physical limitation of the backlight module by advanced real-time pixel-based processing to provide a dimmer, yet readable, light emission. Conventionally unavailable for ultra low-light situations, our Ultra Dimming technology improves viewing comfort, especially in darker environments.

Chamleon Display

Our Chameleon Display technology monitors the environment and adjusts the display to mirror print-like viewing comfort on an electronic device.

Smartphones & Tablets

Depending on chipsets, other MiraVision features are available and can further enhance users’ visual experience and comfort. Whatever the particular feature, MediaTek MiraVision technologies ensure that contents look true-to-life and reduce overall energy needs.
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