Dual Cameras

We’re revolutionizing mobile photography and video with innovative technologies that take advantage of dual cameras in smartphones.

MediaTek Imagiq for Dual Cameras

Dual cameras make shooting pictures and video on smartphones easy and fun, with professional quality results.

MediaTek Imagiq processing for dual cameras has automatic, premium features built in, such as optical zoom, real-time depth of field & depth estimation, and color+mono denoise image capturing.

Amazing Zoom & Resolution

MediaTek’s proprietary ClearZoom technology provides 10x the zoom effect with the tele lens, while our multi-frame Super Resolution sharpens image details with the wide lens. Both work together to help you capture clear images and video.

Real-Time Depth of Field (DOF)

Shallow Depth of Field (DOF) is a photography technique that focuses on a single object within a picture, while softening the surrounding area. MediaTek Helio’s powerful processing features allow these effects to be viewed and adjusted in real-time on the smartphone display.

Real-time depth estimation

Real-time depth estimation is a powerful tool for creators, app developers and users, who can take advantage of dual cameras for exploration of 3D imaging.

Color + Mono = Pixel Perfection

Image sensors are susceptible to random electrical noise that can cause inaccurate readings. This becomes more apparent when there is very little light hitting the sensor. By using both cameras to compare images, our Imagiq advanced Color + Mono algorithms remove this noise and improve low-light image quality.