Imagiq for Recording & Streaming Video

MediaTek Imagiq perfects HDR-native video recording at high resolutions. Whether you’re recording for later or streaming direct to fans, you get true-to-life results. From there add on-the-fly AI-enhancements for depth of field, beautification or other fun effects.

Multi-Frame 4K HDR Video

MediaTek Imagiq is first to market offering multi-frame 4K HDR video. It captures frames at different exposures and intelligently fuses them into a single video stream, all in real-time. The incredible results allow users to accurately and effortlessly capture an event’s full spectacle even in environments with extremes of bright or darkness.

Video Bokeh with Real-time Live View & Recording

MediaTek’s range of flagship-class, HDR-native ISPs support multiple, high resolution cameras at 30fps. Using the assistive, high performance hardware depth engine and AI processing enables users to record and view bokeh (soft background segmentation) in video, in real-time and with incredibly high quality.

‘Action Camera’- grade Electronic Image Stabilization

Imagiq electronic image stabilization (EIS) provides margin stabilization up to 30% for ‘action camera’-grade results, so you can easily capture while on the move. Low-power with high-quality, this advanced technology results in smoother videos you’ll want to share.

Zero-Latency, Hardware Warping Engine

Imagiq’s zero-latency Warping Engine provides automatic, accurate, and reliable corrections for lens distortion and other image transformations when recording video. Using dedicated hardware this typically compute-intensive task is now extremely power efficient.

Multi-Scale Noise Reduction

Imagiq’s Multi-scale Noise Reduction improves the quality of video previews and recordings by monitoring and compensating for erroneous pixels in real-time, resulting in a noticeably clearer image.