Everyday Photography

Imagiq’s innovative camera features make taking amazing photos easy—every day and everywhere.

4X Faster Focus

Our Hybrid Auto Focus system locks onto subjects faster than traditional contrast auto focus systems, especially on moving objects.

Its Pixel-level Auto Focus technology also allows more light to be collected. So the system provides an impressive focus speed, even for objects at a distance in extreme low-light conditions.

Brighter Pictures in Low Light

If it takes too long to adjust your camera’s brightness, you could miss a great photo moment.  But that won’t happen with Imagiq. MediaTek’s Instant Auto Exposure (AE) feature delivers ultra-fast and accurate exposure by tracking environmental lighting changes.

Instant auto-exposure with camera control unit for brightness-based sensor exposure

True 4K HDR Videos

The Imagiq HDR engine helps recover the dynamic range of what you see in captured photos to create true HDR-quality videos. 

It does this automatically while keeping power consumption low, even when shooting in high-resolution 4K HDR.

New multi-frame HDR provides clearer images and video

Wide Lens Resolution Boost

Imagiq’s Super Resolution feature boosts the spatial resolution of the wide angle lens from a low zoom ratio. With this setting file output resolution is kept at 13MP with increased details.