Low-light environments

At night or in poorly-lit environments, Imagiq automatically adjusts light levels, providing smoother images with lower processing times.

Amazing Magnification

MediaTek Imagiq’s ClearZoom and Automatic Image Stabilization (AIS) features are available when using a telephoto lens.  They prevent hand-induced jitter and provide a stable image, without expensive optical image stabilization.

Advanced image stabilization dividing up long exposure times for blur-free photography

Multi-Frame Noise Reduction

Our advanced noise-reduction engine lowers processing time and improves the smoothness of images with multi-frame blending.

Pixel Perfection

Cameras include color sensors and mono image sensors that collect light. By comparing sensor information from dual cameras, our algorithms remove noise and improve image quality in dark environments. 

Imagiq’s Instant Auto Exposure feature also delivers ultra-fast and accurate exposure by tracking environmental lighting changes.