MediaTek fulfills the need for a powerful Android-based OTT box, with 4K Ultra HD output and high-end gaming credentials in its MT8693. Featuring a hexa-core, 64-bit heterogeneous processor combining a leading dual-core ARM® Cortex-A72 operating up to 2GHz, and a power efficient quad-core ARM® Cortex-A53 together, this works in conjunction with a console-quality Imagination GX6250 GPU that delivers 2.4 Giga-pixels per second performance and supports OpenGL ES 3.1 for excellent gaming performance, and dual-channel LPDDR3 DRAM that provides sufficient memory bandwidth to all component parts.

4K Ultra HD playback and record with HEVC/H.264 at up to 30 fps is supported and MediaTek’s exclusive MiraVision technology is baked in for picture quality enhancement.

As wireless connectivity is increasingly preferred over Ethernet, up to 802.11ac Wi-Fi can be included as necessary for 4K streaming, while Bluetooth is supported for remote controls or gamepads. HDMI and Miracast display connectivity is available for multi-screen applications, while there is also HDCP 2.2 and Widevine Level 1 security, and MMC/SD card support is also included for local media.


On the MT8693 platform, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are supplied by the MT6630 platform companion chip.



CPU Core

Hexa (6)



Heterogeneous Multi Processing




Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Audio Visual Features

GPU Type

IMG PowerVR GX6250

Display Resolution

3840 x 2160 (4K)

Video Decoding

H.264, H.265 / HEVC